Char-lynn series A,H,S,T axial flow cycloid hydraulic motor

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Char-lynn series A,H,S,T axial flow cycloid hydraulic motor in Ahmedabad Mumbai Chennai Bangalore Hyderabad Nashik Pune Indore Jaipur India


Eaton Hydraulic Motor – Pump

Eaton Char-Lynn Orbit Hydraulic Motors H Series, S Series, & T Series Replacement India.

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We are dealing in Replacement Model of Eaton Hydraulic Motor :

Eaton Hydraulic Motor J Series (129-)

Eaton Hydraulic Motor H Series (101-)

Eaton Hydraulic Motor S Series (103-)

Eaton Hydraulic Motor T Series (158-)  (185-)

Eaton Hydraulic Motor W Series (162-)

Eaton Hydraulic Motor 2000 Series (104-, 105-, 106-, 193-)

Eaton Hydraulic Motor 4000 Series (167-,169-, 170-)

Eaton Hydraulic Motor 6000 Series (184-)

Eaton Hydraulic Motor 10000 Series (109-, 110-, 111-)

Eaton Hydraulic Motor VIS 40 & VIS 40 w/Parking Brake (119-, 120-, 121-)

Eaton Hydraulic Motor VIS 45 (168-,176-, 177-, 178-, 180-, 182-)

Char-Lynn Orbit Hydraulic motors provide design flexibility. All disc valve motors are available with various configurations consisting of Suppliers By Orbit Hydraulic System in India:

  • Displacement (Geroler size)
  • Output Shaft
  • No Shaft and Bearing Assembly (Bearingless Motor)
  • Port Configuration
  • Mounting Flange
  • Other Special Features


Char-Lynn H Series orbit motors are economical, efficient, small, compact, and powerful, designed for medium duty applications. These motors have the industry proven spool valve design combined with state-of-art gerotors. In addition, a wide variety of mounting flanges, shafts, ports, and a low speed valving option provides design flexibility Suppliers By Orbit Hydraulic System in India. Direction of shaft rotation and shaft speed can be controlled easily and smoothly throughout the speed range of the motor, and equipment can be driven direct eliminating costly mechanical components.


Char-Lynn S Series Orbit motor with Geroler offers the same advantage of low speed, high torque and compact size as the H Series with gerotor. In the Geroler element precision machined rollers form the displacement chambers. The rollers provide support with rolling contact as the star rotates, minimizing friction, providing high efficiency, especially at start-up and at low speeds.


Char-Lynn T Series motors with the Geroler displacement element Suppliers By Orbit Hydraulic System in India, offer the same advantage of low friction, and long life as the S Series in a compact size like the H Series. The T Series features the simplicity of Eaton’s proven spool valve and a compact Geroler element that provides better drive life and smoother performance.


Char-Lynn J-2 Series motors provide a lot of power from a very small package, indeed, up to 5 kW [6 1/2 HP] of power. These motors are 61 millimeters [2.4 inches] in diameter and 104 to 130 millimeters [4.1 to 5.1 inches] in length. J-2 Series motors are the smallest of Eaton’s line of Char-Lynn motors. These motors have high starting and running torque, and operate with equal torque in either direction. With this new 4:1 Geroler element, the five rollers provide support with rolling contact as the Geroler four lobe star rotates, minimizing friction and providing high efficiencies especially at start-up and at low speeds.


This Char-Lynn R Series spool valve motor with the Geroler torque generating element is economical, efficient, compact, powerful, and is very effective at low flows and high pressure applications Suppliers By Orbit Hydraulic System in India. The outer ring of the Geroler element has seven precision machined rollers that provide rolling contact as the six lobe star orbits within the Geroler element. This orbiting slow turning star coupled to the output shaft with a splined drive provides the hydromechanical six to one advantage. Consequently, with this 6 to 1 reduction built into each motor, gear box speed reducers will not be necessary on most applications.


The Char-Lynn steering control unit (SCU) is fully fluid linked Suppliers By Orbit Hydraulic System in India. This means there is no mechanical connection between the steering unit, the pump and the steering cylinders. The unit consists of a manually operated directional control servo valve and feedback meter element in a single body. It is used principally for fluid linked power steering systems but it can be used for some servo-type applications or any application where visual positioning is required. The close coupled, rotary action valve performs all necessary fluid directing functions with a small number of moving parts. The manually actuated valve is coupled with the mechanical drive to the meter gear. The control is lubricated and protected by the power fluid in the system and can operate in many environments. Char-Lynn power steering control units offer the following advantages:


Minimizes steering linkage – reduces cost, provides flexibility in design.

Provides complete isolation of load forces from the control station – provides operator comfort.

Provides continuous, unlimited control action with very low input torque.

Provides a wide selection of control circuits and meter sizes.

Can work with many kinds of powersteering pumps or fluid supply.

The VIS ( Valve-in-Star ) Motors are the next step in the evolution of the low speed high torque (LSHT) hydraulic motors Suppliers By Orbit Hydraulic System in India. The IS design provides inherent improvements over other types of LSHT hydraulic motor valving which results in a more compact package with better efficiency and higher pressure capability. These improvements have shown significant packaging and performance advantages in applications such as skid steer loaders, mini excavators, trenchers and logging equipment. VIS motors are primarily intended for use in closed loop circuit applications.


  • SAE or BSP Ports Sizes
  • VIS 30 and VIS 40 – SAE and ISO Style Mountings
  • Many Output Shaft Configurations
  • Back-Pressure Relief Valves


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